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The Mentalist Awards

The Best Mentalist FanFiction

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The Mentalist FanFiction Awards
Gen Nominations | Het Nominations | Slash Nominations

Info on Categories:
GEN stands for General, and includes no pairings.
HET is any story that contains a Male/Female or Female/Male relationship.
SLASH is any story that contains a Male/Male or Female/Female relatonship.

Info on Sub-Categories:
Best Gen - The best Gen story.
Best Adventure - The best adventure story.
Best Drama - The best drama story.
Best Humor/Fluff - The best humorous or fluffy story.
Best Friendship - The best friendship story.
Best Hurt/Comfort - Hurt/Comfort is when one character is hurt (mentally or physically), and another comforts them.
Best Angst/Dark - The best story dealing with angst or dark themes.
Best Case Related Fic - The best story centered around a case.
Best Episode Related Fic - The best story centered around an episode.
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Supernatural - Self explanatory.
Best AU - AU stands for Alternate Universe and occurs when an author changes something canon. E.g., Jane's family doesn't die, or Lisbon never joins the CBI.
Best OC - OC stands for Original Character. This nomination includes the OC in the story.
Best Het - The best Het story.
Best (Het Pairing) - The best story containing a specific Het pairing.
Best Slash - The best Slash story.
Best (Slash Pairing) - The best story containing a specific Slash pairing.
Best Overall Fic - The best overall story.
Best Author - The best author.

- Winners of all categories are voted for via LJ poll.
- If there are either zero or one entries in a category, it will be combined with another category where possible.
- A tie of three or more entries will be settled with a second poll. A tie of two entries will be recorded as a tie.
- An entry can only be nominated in one General Category (Gen, Het, Slash) and up to three sub-categories within that General Category. These Sub-Categories do not include Best Overall Fic.
- Entries can only be nominated once in each sub-category.
- You may not nominate your own story.
- Stories that were nominated in previous rounds cannot be nominated in the current round, even if they did not win an award.
- The author of the entry must have begun the story between the time that the last round ended and the current round began.
- Both WIPs (Works in Progress) and Completed fics are allowed to be submitted. WIPs must be submitted to the Best WIP sub-category, in addition to any other sub-category.
- Nominations must be sent to splashingfish via PM or in a comment on one of the nomination posts if they are to be accepted. Links to those posts can be found at the top of the profile.
- You may submit as many nominations as you like.
- Your nomination will be anonymous, unless you choose to tell the author of the story that you have nominated their story.