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Polls Officially Closed!
splashing fish
splashingfish wrote in mentalawards
All right, all of the polls for the 2010 round of the Mentalist Awards are closed! It's now time to reveal the winners, which will be done in three separate posts from this one.

Gen Winners
Het Winners
Slash Winners

Congratulations to all the winners! And now for a few miscellaneous facts about the 2010 Mentalist Awards.

Total Number of Nominations: 47
Total Number of Stories Nominated: 27
Story with the most wins: "Hostage of Love" by ch19777 (3 - Best Overall Fic, Best Het, Best Het-Hurt/Comfort)
Author with the most wins: ch19777 (4 - Best Overall Fic, Best Het, Best Het-Hurt/Comfort, Best Gen-Drama)

Congratulations to ch19777 with their four wins, including their Best Overall Fic, "Hostage of Love," which also won two other awards: Best Het and Best Het-Hurt/Comfort.

Hope to see you all next year for Round 3.

As always, we are looking for staff. PM me or send me a message on if you are interested.

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