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Winners' Badges
splashing fish
splashingfish wrote in mentalawards
Here they are, the 2010 Winners' Badges! Thanks so much to chizuru_chibi for making them. Let me just say, they're absolutely gorgeous! Below are the links to each one. Congrats to all the winners!

Best Het
Best Drama
Best Humor/Fluff
Best Angst/Dark
Best Case Related
Best Sci-Fi
Best Jane/Lisbon

Best Gen
Best Drama
Best Humor/Fluff

Best Slash
Best Drama
Best Jane/Cho

As always, we are looking for staff. PM me or send me a message on if you are interested.

To contact me, use either my LJ or my account:
LJ: splashingfish

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I know I'm late in responding to this, and I am terribly sorry for it, but thank you SO much to everyone that voted. I am seriously touched. Thank you!

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